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Our Pricing

We charge two main types of selling fees from our service partners

an insertion fee when you create a Service listing on our Classified Ads, and the Aseema Referral Fee which is based on the final discounted charges for your service

Fees for Classified Ad listing

Insertion fees for Classified Ads are US $ 2.00 for a 30-day listing. These fees are separate from the Aseema Referral Fee

Payments Processing Charges

We collect payments processing fees for each transaction, which is to be paid to the payment gateway service provider for their services. You can see the payments processing fees for each transaction on your portal.

Aseema Referral Fee

On a standard basis, we charge 10% of the value of the sale price of your services.  Taxes are not included in the calculation.

Members Charges

Aseema does not collect any seperate membership fees from the members for registering with us. Members how wish to use our ‘Connected Health’ license may purchase these directly from the Mobile Application