Enjoy your day and let health find you..

Your daily life and the way you live it is what makes the impact on your health. That’s because health is the total of the activities of your life. Aseema is designed to let you enjoy life, while you improve and maintain your good health. 

Did you know that the groups that you are connected with can help you achieve your optimal fitness and wellbeing levels in a fun and engaging manner. Talk to us and learn more 

Wellbeing Collaboration At It’s Best

Aseema is a digital platform that brings fitness and wellbeing services to individuals through the active involvement of the groups that they (the individual) is connected with. Groups including non-profit groups (such as NGOs, social, peer and family groups), as well as for profit groups (such as Health Insurers, Fitness Studios, Nutritionists, Counsellors & Coaches and Preventive Healthcare Providers) can mutually collaborate and create customized Wellbeing and Fitness Experiences for Individuals. A person can be part of multiple groups e.g., a family unit or a Volunteer driven group or a Peer group or (such as Senior Citizens).

We have a special interest in finding solutions to Senior Citizens Wellbeing through digital innovations. Senior Citizens- a segment whose lifestyles are severely curtailed by the COVID restrictions can benefit from digital innovations, unlike any other segment in our society. Aseema empowers Senior Citizens to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives through the support of the groups that they are connected with.

Wellness Events

Create events to measure and optimize health and fitness outcomes. Save time creating and managing your events.                                                            

Senior Citizen Wellbeing

Our solution enables Senior Citizens to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Talk to us if you are managing initiatives to support Senior Citizens, we’d happily waive charges for you. 

Group Health Dashboards

Give your corporate clients an intuitive understanding of the emerging health risks and need to focus areas


Connect your whole business to a healthier lifestyles and enhance your engagement with your members.

Engage in new ways with shared social experiences

Group Engagement

Grow and engage your groups and show your clients that you truly care.

Content Max

Use web tech to post content for audiences across video, PDF, Documents and messages.

Audience Network

A powerful way to help you monetize your services and utilize your latent capacity

Market Effectively

Tools to help businesses manage their presence through Aseema Wellness Program bundles

Great Engagement

doesn’t need Great Effort … you only need the desire to benefit your customers.

Health & Fitness Content

A new way for any publisher to create fast, interactive articles on Aseema


Give your corporate clients an intuitive understanding of the emerging health risks and need to focus areas.

Corporate Wellness

Deploy powerful employee engagement and corporate wellness programs

Disease Management

Disease Management Program solutions – easy to customize and implement

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