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Aseema Health was established in Oct 2017 in Bangalore – the vibrant hub of IT and Innovation in Southern India. 

Our business model is based on a Platform concept of bridging the gap in delivery of Healthcare and Fitness Services. We started with the idea that People like to receive support on Health without any barriers in between. Hence we choose the name ‘Aseema’ (a name derived from the ancient Indian Language of Sanskrit, which literally translates to ‘without barriers’ or ‘seamless’).  

We understood early on that there is a great need for closer alignment between the different stakeholders in health and fitness, if the maximum benefit is to reach the end-consumer.


The opportunity that we saw in front of us was that with the explosion digital health devices and apps there was a profusion in valuable health data… data that could potentially shift the paradigm of healthcare outcomes. On the other hand, our creativity ensured that we came up with smart solutions to ensure that patients stick to healthy lifestyles. The result is what you see in Aseema today.

Our Story

Aseema’s service philosophy is based on envisioning how we would have ourselves like our healthcare to be delivered to us.

​We are a group of technologists, doctors and project managers who set out to achieve the best possible health care outcome with the best possible experience. We are possibly close to this vision and we invite the best professionals in the healthcare business to be part of our journey. In Aseema Health, you’re going to learn how tiny little changes, done deliberately, will help you live better, healthier, fitter and happier lives. 

It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your Health & Fitness journey today, we’re a tribe that can’t wait to help. We’re going to try helping you build habits that change your health … but this is going to be done one step at a time.

“What began as dream over a cup of coffee between friends, has today emerged as one of the most exciting and rapidly growing Health Tech start-ups to emerge from the sub-continent”


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Meet the Team

Aseema’s leadership team has a combined experience of more than three decades. Our key team comprise specialists with extensive experience in Fitness, Health Insurance, Healthcare Provider, Information Technology, Design and Marketing.

As we forge ahead, we continue on our strong focus on Research and Development and in Health-Tech Innvoation. Meet the team and the stars that made the dream of seamless health – a Reality

Vinay Kishan

Founder and CEO of Aseema Health

Vinay has been involved in senior corporate roles in Information Technology, Wellness and the BPO Industry for over 25 years. In addition, Vinay has also been a serial entrepreneur – starting and managing highly successful business interests in Wellness Enterprises, IT, Hospitality and Construction.                                          More on Vinay

Chiranjeevi H S

Chief Innovation Officer

Chiranjeevi has over a decade of leadership experience in Software Development, product management and R&D. He has also held executive roles with a variety of lead players primarily in the Ed-tech companies, including Nokia, KenApps,  Cleartranscripts and Mythininit.

More on Chiranjeevi

Shreyas Rao

Chief Project Manager

Shreyas held leading positions in innovative ICT companies in India. He comes onboard with an extensive experience of over 16 years within the IT sector and research. He has a track record of managing complex, business-critical projects and in complex implementations.

More on Shreyas

Raghupathi Siddoji

Head Of Software Development

Raghu has a solid experience in development, product innovation and technology. This includes senior leadership roles on multiple software domains including Education ERP solution, Document Management and Digitization and Healthcare platform services, for over nine years

More on Raghu

Dr Adarsh Attavar

Director Business Development

Dr. Adarsh brings over two decades of experience at Leading  players in Health Insurance and Healthcare Providers (GE, Munich Re, Allianz, Apollo, Aster Healthcare and NMC). He has been keenly involved in multiple strategic projects on an international basis including PPP Projects, Insurance Operations set-up and Digitization in Health Insurance and in Healthcare Provider IT.                                                  More on Dr. Adarsh

Rajesh Naidu

Program Director

A graduate in IT from APTECH and St. Joseph colleage in Bangalore, Rajesh comes with over two and half decades of professional experience with both startup enviornments, as well as in established lead players , including Aptra Technologies, Ignis Technology, Smart Drive Labs and CAASP LabsAptra Technologies, Ignis Technology, Smart Drive Labs and CAASP Labs.                                                                                                    More on Rajesh

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