Disease Management Programs

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Comprehensive DMP suit

Our DMP suit is a comprehensive solution to support your DMP services, including Scheduling, Coaching, Analytic and visualization capabilities. Aseema is committed to the individual’s wellness and quality of life, making our solutions ideal for DMP experts, whether you would like to empower your existing program or you would like to initiate a new program.

Leverage the digital health industry, to offer innovative and compelling services.

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Build B2B assets with your insurers, policyholders and stakeholders to increase outreach


Automated digitized set-up ensures minimal efforts at implementing and running programs

Distinct value

Unique data features including automated supports such as sleep support, smoking cessations tools, home health tools

Enhance member engagement through targeted and flexible features
  • Member opt-in for modular components ensures that efforts are directed at highly motivated members
  • Interact with members in their terms and with the devices and groups that they prefer
  • Inspire members to take lead and responsibility of their own health
  • Mobile app based member engagement and gamification solutions for easy on-boarding

Effective risk-management support

  • Risk profile identification for targeted program activities
  • Inspire members with better profiles to lead healthy lives through member engagement and robust wellness programs
  • Active support to at-risk members to assist them on their journey to improved health

Peer & Social Support Can Help Make DMP Programs More Effective