Enjoy your day and let health find you..

Rules to stay healthy?

WE KNOW THEM RIGHT ? eat right, be active, give up smoking, sleep right. The catch is that ‘healthy rules’ need to be followed… consistently

Our Mobile App is designed to make the process fun. We effectively place you in a in the central control of your health and choose.

Health is Fun

Gamifaction to ensure that you are constantly motivated and engaged in healthy behavior

Discounted Prices For Fitness Services

Aseema’s business aggregation brings you highly competative rates for Fitness & Health Services

Visual Analytics

Actionable insights from your daily health parameters helps you understand what works best for your


Highly secure solutions that protect your data and privacy.

Great Pricing, Great Features

Key Features and Transparent Terms

Pricing & Features

Aseema’s Membership & Pricing Model

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Service Delivery

Here’s how our members receive services

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AseemaHEALTH Blog

Some great content on the Aseema Health Blog

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Mobile App Privacy

Privacy Policy  for Our Members

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