Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently asked questions for Individual Members

Are the memberships free of cost?

Yes – we do not charge you for the membership. If and when you purchase any services from a service provider (such as a Gym or Fitness Center or Health Specialist), Aseema generates a revenues from the referral fee that we collect from the Service Provider.

What is your cancellation policy, and how do I cancel for a class or service that I booked?

If you wish to cancel any session or class that you previously booked and paid for, you can do this directly from the Aseema App. You would need to select the session or service and select the ‘Cancel’ option.

In the event that you need to cancel a session, we urge you to do this so as early as possible. This is because we charge cancellation fees for late cancels and missed classes. If you cancel a reservation within 12 hours of the start time, you will be charged 25% of the cost of the session.

If you miss a reservation without cancelling, you will be charged for the full session. Fees vary based on services offered by the Service Provider.

We request you to also note that cancellation fees cannot be waived or used to offset the payments for any other session or service.

Can I cancel the classes directly with the Service Provider?

No – if you have paid for the class through the Aseema Health App, then you would need to cancel your Classes only through the Aseema Mobile Application. If you cancel directly with a Service Provider, including through any online or mobile account you have with a Service Provider, independent of Aseema Health, you would still be charged the full amount that the Service Provider charges for such class.

Please view our 'Cancellation and Refund policy' by clicking here



Frequently asked questions for Service Providers

(Gyms, Fitness Centers, Health Experts)

How do I get started with Aseema Health?

Getting started is really simple - get in touch with us by filling out our contact form. Once we receive your details, we’ll assess if your business is the right fit for Aseema Health. If you are, we’ll contact you to start the on-boarding process.

What’s the cost to my Gym or Fitness studio or Health Expert to be a part of the Aseema Health network?

Becoming a partner costs you nothing. Aseema Health is free to use! In fact, you’ll make money. Aseema gets our revenues as a percentage of the revenues that you earn. After the member has paid for the sessions Aseema retains our referral service charge, hence our business grows only as we send higher volumes of business to you.


How does Aseema Health work?

Aseema Health is a Health and Fitness Platform specifically designed for the Workplace Wellness Market. We support companies in implementing Workplace Wellness Programs. We also engage with clients through Gamification of Health and curated content and keep them invested in improving their Health and Fitness status. Service Providers such as Gyms, Fitness Centers and Health Professionals list their classes and services on Aseema and these can be integrated to form customized Workplace Wellness programs. Individual Members see all of the details they need to know about the class that you provide, including the description, important details and more. Members who are interested in participating in the classes, would book these services and purchase them through the Aseema Mobile Application.


How often will I be paid?

We pay out most of our partners on a monthly schedule, at the end of each Calendar Month. You can easily access your revenue information right from your dashboard. Log in to see exactly how much incremental revenue you should expect with your next payment.


What’s my commitment period as a partner?

In order to see the true value from our partnership, we encourage all of our partners to stay on the platform long-term. But should you change your mind, you can opt out of Aseema Health with 90-days written notice.


For any query or clarifications that you may need, please feel free to drop an email to us on