Product Features

Enjoy your day and let health find you..

The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Aseema is a digital health and fitness platform that makes fitness fun and helps you stay motivated. Aseema turns your phone into a personal trainer and health specialist in your pocket. Connecting with a friend adds another layer of motivation and encouragement. Download the app and start freeing your endorphins.

Global Fitness Community

Get motivated by our social fitness community and find friends all over the globe. Step competes motivate you to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Participate in leaderboard and team for truly fun gamified fitness and health! 

Visual Analytics

Review your body’s parameters including blood glucose, activity, BP. Aseema’s graphical visual analytics makes it easy for you to track and follow your body parameters.

Personal Training Plan

Connect with specialist trainers and get a training plan tailored for you, your fitness level and goals. The plan can be adjusted in alignment with your trainer if you improve faster or slower than anticipated.

Video Packs 

One on one video sessions and Video packs on the topic of your choice, ensures that you are guided by your favorite trainers remotely

Corporate Wellness Program

Aseema’s platform helps corporates and insurers align with Fitness, Wellness and Health specialists and create bespoke wellness programs. 

Exceptional Discounts

Our aggregation model helps you benefit with exceptional discounts and fitness experiences on the most popular fitness and wellness sessions.