Enjoy your day and let health find you..


The Aseema Solution is a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Platform to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The platform combines motivational techniques from behavioral science with Gamification of Health and support from social and peer groups

Highly Inclusive 

Aseema brings together Workplace Wellness, employee engagement and inclusion solutions in a mobile-first experience. With Aseema it is easy to demonstrate to every employee that you are a company that cares for them.

Some Attractive Components Of Our Platform


Our members can track multiple health parameters directly with our mobile application or connect their preferred wearable fitness devices or app

Specialized Portals

Specialzed Web Portals for business partners including Fitness Studios, Healthcare Providers, Employers and Insurers

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Aseema helps our members to keep them engaged so that they adopt and maintain healthier lifestyle habits on a consistent basis.

Cloud Computing

Secured cloud with encryption and compliant with regulatory and compliance requirements

Member App

Member mobile applications available on iOS and Android stores gives flexibility and ease of deployment

Smart Content Engine

Smart content and multiple modalities of presenting content to your members. This is easily achieved through Aseema’s surprisingly simple to use backend engine and portals

Pan-organization reach

Aseema helps you reach your colleagues across the organization. Discover how geography or language is never a barrier to engaging with your colleagues.A

Insightful Analytics

Aseema helps companies measure what matters with online dashboards showing you the current and emerging health risks. Focus on your key health priorities and track improvement in your group’s health and fitness parameters.

Data Visualization

Multiple points of health and fitness data can be confusing to interpret. Aseema takes the complexity out by visualizing data in simple and understandable ways. Whether it’s the member interpreting what her health data says or it’s the company HR interpreting the Group’s aggregated health data, it couldn’t get simpler than on Aseema.


Aseema helps you build customized workplace wellness programs by cherry-picking services from the best of Health and Fitness experts. In-built workflows in the system, ready access to the specialists and multi-modal communication channels makes implementing Workplace Wellness programs a breeze to implement and maintain.

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